Komatsu Engine Parts


Diesel engine parts are a critical part of any piece of earthmoving equipment. Without a reliable, functioning, fuel-efficient engine, your equipment can’t operate effectively and efficiently.

At Komatsu, we supply every single element to ensure your engine continues to perform at optimum efficiency.

We supplyfundamental building blocks of your engine, including the engine block itself (including long blocks and short blocks), cylinders, pistons, heads, oil pans and sumps, flywheels, crankshafts, camshafts and radiators, through to individual components such as gaskets, tappets, lifters, pulleys and belts.

We also supply service parts for your engine’s electrical and electronic system components, including alternators, starter motors, temperature sensors and ECU (Electronic Control Units).

If you need new parts for those engine elements that aid engine power, efficiency, fuel consumption and emissions, such as turbochargers, aftercoolers and intercoolers, you can find it on myKomatsu via the Search field or in the online Parts Books.

We provide the elements that make up your intake and exhaust system, including intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds and mufflers.

Also available on myKomatsu are parts for your engine’s pump systems, including fuel pumps, water pumps and associated components.

Plus we’ll help keep your operators cool, comfortable and working efficiently through airconditioning parts.

Remember, all genuine Komatsu parts are covered by our Komatsu warranty, and are designed and manufactured to KES (Komatsu Engineering Standards).

For all parts orders over $500 ex GST, delivery is free, and we ship Australia-wide with instant tracking via email alerts.