Komatsu Genuine Filter Kits

Servicing your machine? Need specific filters?

Komatsu is now offering Genuine Filter Kits for a range of machines. Genuine Filter Kits are made up of genuine parts that are required to maintain the reliability and profitability of any Komatsu machine. They are designed for ease of fitment and are designed according to Komatsu's Engineering Standard (KES).

Komatsu Genuine Kit

Below is a list of kits available. Click on the kit part number for more information:

PART NUMBER Service Interval FITS
 KKGA00010KIT Kit250 HD785-3, HD985-3
 KKGB00010KIT  Kit500 HD785-3
 KKGB00030KIT Kit500 HD785-5
 KKGB00140FG Kit500 PC300-7
 KKGB00190KIT Kit500 HD785-7
 KKGB00360KIT Kit500 PC400LC-8, PC450LC-7EO, PC450LC-8
 KKGB00450KIT Kit500 HB205-1, HB215LC-1, PC160LC-8, PC200-8, PC210LCI-10,  PC220-8
 KKGB00740KIT Kit500 PC130-8, PC138US-8
 KKGB00830FG  Kit500 PC600LC-8, PC600LC-8E0
 KKGB00850KIT Kit500 PC300-8
 KKGB01040FG Kit500 HD465-5
 KKGB01140FG Kit500 PC27MR-3, PC30MR-3, PC35MR-3
 KKGB01170KIT Kit500 PC78UU-8, PC88MR-8, PW98MR-8
 KKGB01280FG Kit500 PC300-8
 KKGB140005FG Kit500 PC1250SP-8R
 KKGB140012FG Kit500 WA500-6
 KKGB140024FG Kit500 PC228US-3EO, PC228US-8, PC228USLC-8
 KKGB140026FG Kit500 PC350LC-8
 KKGB140029FG Kit500 HB335LC-1, PC300-8M0, PC300LC-8M0, PC350-8M0, PC350LC-8M0
 KKGB140034FG  Kit500 WA600-6
 KKGB50030KIT  Kit500 HM400-2, HM400-3M0
 KKGB50040KIT  Kit500 PC800-8, PC850SE-8, PC850SE-8E0
 KKGB50090FG Kit500 WA320-5H
 KKGB50130KIT Kit500 HM300-2, WA470-6, WA470-6H, WA480-6, WA480-6H
 KKGB50150FG Kit500 D39EX-22, D51EX-22, GD555-5, GD655-5, GD655-7, HB215LC-3, PC228USLC-11, PC290LC-11, WA200PZ-6 , WA250-6, WA250PZ-6, WA270-8, WA320-6, WA320PZ-6, WA380-6, WA380-6H, WA380-8
 KKGC00030KIT  Kit1000 HD785-5
 KKGC00190KIT Kit1000 HD785-7
 KKGC00280KIT Kit1000 PC1250SP-7
 KKGC00360KIT Kit1000 PC450LC-7EO, PC450LC-8
 KKGC00450KIT Kit1000 PC200-8 , PC220-8
 KKGC00850KIT Kit1000 PC300-8
 KKGC01280FG  Kit1000 PC300-8
 KKGC140004FG Kit1000 HM300-2
 KKGC140017FG  Kit1000 PC1250SP-8R
 KKGC140020FG  Kit1000 HB205-1 , HB215LC-1, PC200-8, PC220-8
 KKGC140032FG Kit1000 WA500-6
 KKGC140046FG  Kit1000 PC138US-8
 KKGC140049FG  Kit1000 PC270-8
 KKGC140055FG  Kit1000 PC45MR-3, PC55MR-3
 KKGC140057FG Kit1000 PC78UU-8, PC88MR-8, PW98MR-8
 KKGC140058FG Kit1000 PC850SE-8 , PC850SE-8E0
 KKGC140061FG Kit1000 HB335LC-1, PC300-8M0, PC300LC-8M0, PC350-8M0, C350LC-8M0
 KKGC140064FG Kit1000 WA200PZ-6, WA250-6, WA250PZ-6
 KKGD00190KIT Kit2000 HD785-7
 KKGD140004FG  Kit2000 HM300-2
 KKGD140018FG Kit2000 WA500-6
 KKGD140019FG Kit2000 WA500-6
 KKGD140042FG Kit2000 PC350LC-8
 KKGD140043FG Kit2000 PC350LC-8
 KKGD140069FG  Kit2000 WA600-6