M14 x 30mm Bolt - 01010-E1430LP

M14 x 30mm Bolt

Diameter: 14mm. Length: 30mm. Head Mark: N/A

A Komatsu genuine part is the best way to maintain the reliability of any Komatsu machine. Genuine Komatsu parts are designed for ease of fitment. Because they meet the Komatsu Engineering Standard, they have been manufactured to restore the functioN/Ality of the machine to meet origiN/Al factory specifications. Using the correct genuine part is the most effective way to guarantee the ongoing reliability and profitability of any Komatsu machine.

  • Part No: 01010-E1430LP
  • Category: General Parts
  • Brand: Local Purchase

01010-61430 is the latest product for 01010-E1430LP
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