KVX Cutting Edge M36 Straight 9T/8W - 176717

KVX Cutting Edge M36 Straight 9T/8W

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KVX Loader Cutting Edge (Bucket Lip), for M36 bolt system, Straight, "Combi" configuration with bevelled lip front, 3050 x 270 x 35, 198kg . KVX bucket lips (also sometimes named "cutting edges" or "front plates") are manufactured in Norway from unique Sagitta® steel. With a hardness similar to that of a conventional cast tooth, and extremely high tensile strength and impact resistance, KVX's lips are a very "different animal" to conventional plate steel bucket lips. These lips are machined and drilled to accept selected KVX bolted GET elements at the factory. P.no. 176717 is a straight lip designed for WA420/430 standard bucket widths and will also suit other wheel loaders of similar size and bucket width (966, L120, etc). It is a "Combi" configuration lip, meaning it can be fitted with a wide variety of KVX bolted teeth and wearplates in various combinations. Contact Komatsu Australia for assistance with selection of the correct KVX configuration.

  • Part No: 176717
  • Category: Lip System GET
  • Brand: Komatsu KVX
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